A downloadable game for Windows

FPS Fan remake of Resident evil 

Resident Evil RE(7)make is a recreation of resident evil with FPS Gameplay.

It includes :

  • New rooms
  • New puzzles
  • New ennemy
  • New mechanics...

feel free to share your ideas to improve it

It's still under development

This version includes story mode and mercenaries mode.

Story mode contains some riddles and an end.

Mercenaries mode contains 3 maps (you have to make more than 20k points to unlock next map)

Please, give me feedbacks and feel free to share yours ideas with me :)

Install instructions

Extract the downloadable package


Resident evil re(7)make1.4.rar 647 MB

Development log


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Looks pretty interesting! ^_^ I wanna try er out. Also I'm digging the Mercenaries mode a lot!




Thank you :)

Is the newest version (v1.4) almost ready to be posted? I have v1.3 and I can't wait till it's actually finished.

Hi ! yes it is :) I'm testing it to find naughty bugs ^^

Well, I hope you catch every bug you can, seeing as one bug can shut down a whole project, and nobody wants that.  Y'know what it feels like? A MUCH better version of "The Umbrella Chronicles." The only take-away from that game was how it was a rail-shooter. Felt too House-of-The-Deady. I much prefer your version. I would pay, if I could. Do you take donations? I get paid in, like, two weeks, and I missed the Donor deadline for that "Bio Evil" youtube fan film Salastar Productions is making. Looks good, if they can finish it without the large sum of money I was gonna pay 'em.

Thank you ! you're so nice ! 

I don't take donations, due to copyright issues with the Resident evil brand. 

But if you want to help me, you can share my videos or gamepages throught social media :)

And for sure continue to give me feedbacks to help me to improve my game.

Thanks for support !

PS : Bio Evil seems to be great !